HO HO HO!!!!!!!!!!

Christmas will be here very soon.  Santa and the elves are very busy making toys and gifts of all kinds.  It seems like there are more and more good children every year, so that means more toys have to be made.  Santa loves to make toys but I will admit it is more fun to play with them.

The reindeer are eating lots of good things so they can be very strong and fast for the big night.  They run and play in the snow all day.  It is really fun to watch them racing around.  Santa Claus cannot believe how fast Prancer is this year.  That  is one fast reindeer.  Of course Rudolph is hoping for a dark and foggy night.  He sure enjoys leading the other reindeer.  We all know he does a wonderful job as the leader.  

Santa Claus wants to remind everyone to go to bed early and to be especially good.  Don’t forget to help out at home and don’t forget the snacks.  Remember Santa loves cookies and milk.  HO HO HO!!!!!!!  Uh Oh, Rudolph just reminded me that the reindeer like carrots and lettuce.  Maybe you could leave them a little snack.  Santa knows they will be surprised!!!!!

Santa and Mrs. Claus hopes you have the best Holiday Season ever.